At ATS, we provide comprehensive CCTV systems for diverse applications such as private homes, schools, shops, supermarkets, factories and urban locations. These systems are comprised of internal and/or external cameras connected to a 24-hour digital recorder where video feeds are processed and stored on a hard drive. Archives of video footage are normally kept for 30 days. The benefits of a well-designed CCTV system are varied and many:

  • Till Monitoring
  • Theft Prevention
  • Forecourt Applications
  • Vandalism Protection
  • Break-In Deterrence
  • Insurance Protection
  • Fraud Prevention

Vandal Dome
In order to maximise the costumizability and effectiveness of our CCTV systems, we offer a wide variety of cameras including:

  • Color Cameras
  • Black & White
  • Vandal Domes
  • Full Function PTZ Cameras
  • Hi-Res 1.5-10 Mega Pixel Cameras
  • Hidden & Covert Cameras


Depending on the premesis and budget requirements of each client, our systems can vary in makeup and sohpistication. We can design systems ranging from simple 1-2 camera systems to complex systems that can even be monitored and manipulated directly from your smartphone! For maximum security and theft, vandalism or break-in protection, all our systems can be linked into our 24-hour monitoring service.

Let ATS customise a solution for your security needs!

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SmartphoneYou can remotely control and manipulate your security system using the latest in remote and mobile technology!